Onshore wind power

1. Common Wind Field

LOONGPOWER products cover all wind forces and turbulence intensity. Wind from every direction could derive LOONGPOWER turbine, the cut in speed is very low (2.0m/s) and it generates power as the rotor runs with very high efficiency. Annual accumulative operation time equivalents to 4500-6000 hours full load operation per years (in type 1 and 2 area). Output of LOONGPOWER turbine is much higher, so the average cost is much lower. Life time of LOONGPOWER turbine is up to 35 years, and in the beginning 5 years, no repairing is need. These advantages secure the investment return without any risk and the qualities make LOONGPOWER turbine premiere choice for wind firm.

2. Low-speed Wind Field

Cut-in speed of LOONG POWER turbine is lowered to 2.0m/s, so the turbine could work in light breeze. Its unique structure of blade rotor work with generator perfectly, and could generate wind power in 60% of low-speed wind field to clean power. We make it practicable for people to use clean power in large scale.