About Dragon direction

Longxiang energy loongpower has mastered the core technology of wind energy and tidal energy, and the cost of kilowatt hour power has been able to compete with the traditional energy such as coal power and hydropower. Haze is a demon that is hovering over the Chinese nation and endangers our homeland.

Loong, or dragon, is the English translation of Oriental Dragon. The dragon is the symbol and totem of the Chinese nation,

which means great and auspicious. It calls the wind and the rain, has boundless power, and represents the endless power and endless growth of the Chinese nation.

This is a perfect fit for us to use wind energy, tidal energy and other natural renewable energy to provide energy for human beings, so we call it loongpower.

Longxiang energy's lofty vision: to "provide cheap and clean energy for mankind", to make the sky blue and water clean, the earth green and the mountains green, and benefit all mankind.