Customized by Longxiang

Our company's custom range: the generator power is within 20-5000kw. Rated speed is within 3-500 rpm, voltage is within 6600v, shape, square, round, linear, inner rotor, outer rotor type ultra-low speed permanent magnet generator, our company can customize for customers, design ultra-low speed permanent magnet direct drive synchronous generator which belongs to customers' needs. The rated speed is between 8-15, and the minimum power is 50KW. If it is lower than 8-4 rpm, the minimum power is 200kW. 4-2 RPM minimum 500kW. 1 RPM minimum 1000kW. Customized generator needs to determine the rated power and rated speed of the generator? Rated voltage? Output mode? This is the basic data, which must be clear.