With Revolutionary Innovation, LOONGPOWER developed the Global First Frame Type Ultra-Low Speed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. Our leading technology makes the turbine could generate power in light breeze (2.0m/s) and resist strong typhoon (up to 50m/s), and lower the cost of power-generation to CNY 0.2/kWh. Most importantly, our turbine could stably work OFF-GRID and the lifetime is up to 35 years without repairing in first 5 years. Our wind power solution perfectly settled the problems of horizontal axis turbine, such as grid-dependence, wind direction adaptation, powersupply instability, shock to power grid, frequent error and repairing, high cost of maintenance, long investment cycle and etc. With leading technology, the low-cost power generated by our turbines will replace traditional power, such as coal power, water power etc.. Excellent stability and reliability make our turbine granted with many international Intellectual patent. Our turbine could generate power in 60% low-speed wind area, as well, the unique framework structure makes the turbine resist strong typhoon,and adapt turbulence circumstance,so we provide very good offshore wind power solution. That's a great achievement to wind power industry.