Off grid wind power

LOONGPOWER turbine have excellent stability, simplified structure, and need no repairing in first 5 years with 35 years life time. Without outer power bank, our turbine could work sufficiently. Our turbine is applicable to:

1. Civil micro-grid, such as island, desert, farm, remote village, alpine region, areas of high altitude and etc.;

2. Military or other special sites, such as: signal tower, charging pillar, integrated green energy building, boarder guarder, navy field, ship, radar station, field forces, large-mid oilrig platform, offshore mobile platform, polar exploration site and etc.

Off-grid Industry Solution


Integrated Island Solution (IIS)

The main problems of solo-island development are power and fresh water, LOONGPOWER’s Integrated Island Solution (IIS) makes it available to establish a micro-grid system to settle the problems perfectly. The IIS integrates power supply, power storage, desalination, and could fulfill the demand of power and fresh water.


Integrated Remote Area Power Solution (IRAS)

In the areas such as Africa, South America, Mid-east, South-east Asia, remote mountain areas, and the area of alpine region like Sahara, Tibet, Qinghai, Arctic and Antarctic, power is in great shortage, our IRAS will make it available to frame over all power supply system with local unique resources and to settle the difficulties of utilization and supply of power, and to benefit local people.


Integrated Green Energy Building Solution (IGBS)

LOONGPOWER wind turbine designed for buildings could be set on the top of buildings, space between building, to supply power for daily use, and the overage power could be sold to power supply agency. Besides, LOONGPOWER turbine is safe, efficient, noiseless and free of pollution. These qualities make LOONGPOWER turbine the best choice for low-carbon and environment friendly building, which is promoted by government currently.

Integrated Ship Power Solution (ISPS)

Currently, Diesel generators installed on ships are cumbersome, polluting, and noisy, and also with high cost of power. LOONGPOWER turbine has the quality of corrosion resistance, typhoon resistance, noiseless, and occupies less area with larger power productivity. The ISPS could utilize wind force efficiently to supply power for ships, so endurance will be extended, less recharge would be need.


Integrated Charging Pillar Solution (ICPS)

Electric vehicle is embodied as the future of car businesses, but distribution of charging pillar limits its using in areas such as remote mountain area, national or provincial road, express highway. LOONGPOWER turbine make power resource available even in very remote area, vehicles could be charged everywhere in reach.

军事或其他特殊用途整体解决方案Integrated Military or Special Purpose Solution (IMSPS)

In border guard, navy base, radar station, field force station,signal tower, mid-large rig platform, offshore mobile platform, polar exploration station, especially in island far from continents, power sources are greatly limited by natural factors, our IMSPS solution could secure the use of power in for any purpose stated above.