Offshore wind power

According to circumstance of ocean, LOONGPOWER design and develop offshore wind turbine. It has unique frametype structure, equipped with special typhoon resistance system. It has the qualities as below:

1. Simple Structure and Simplified Installation: the turbine consists Generator, Rotor Axis, Tower and Blades, and the generator is set on the ground;

2. The vertical axis structure naturally adapts turbulence circumstance, and increases actual power output.

3. All parts are manufactured with special materials, have the qualities of corrosion resistance, and functioning stably;

4. Ultra-low rotating speed, Less Abrasion and Noiseless, Repair Exempt in first 5 years;

5. Low Cut in Speed: the turbine generates electricity when the wind speed is 2m/s with very high efficiency;

6. Long Actual Power Production Time: the turbine produce power for 365*24 hours through a whole year; Large electricity productivity of LOONGPOWER offshore turbine secure high investment return (investment cycle is 3-4 years generally), and makes it the best choice for offshore wind power.

Ocean power generation

Ocean power generation tidal energy is the kinetic energy contained in the horizontal movement of tide, also known as current energy. In the ocean, tidal energy and

The tidal energy is similar. It is the kinetic energy generated by the gravitational action of the moon and the sun. It is a kind of renewable energy. Ocean current (also known as ocean current) is a kind of water mass with different density formed by heat radiation, evaporation, precipitation, cold contraction, etc. in the ocean, coupled with wind stress, geostrophic deflection force, tidal force and other effects, it has relatively stable velocity flow. "Seafloor Tidal generators are like putting wind turbines into the sea."However, the difference between the tidal energy and the wind power is that it will not stop, and it is 700-800 times of the wind power. As long as there are appropriate technologies that can make full use of the power of the tidal energy, and efficiently convert this power to the power supply for human beings, it is another revolution of human energy to rewrite history. Longxiang energy uses its own patented technology to overcome the interference of current energy shellfish attachment on blade operation, and then solves the long-term problem of stable operation of high-power power power flow generation. Simple and direct use of the trend

t can generate power efficiently. Power + ultra-low speed permanent magnet direct drive synchronous generator + control + inverter can be connected to the grid or disconnected from the grid. Wave power generation is a world-wide problem that is hard to overcome in history. So far, the mode of using wave power generation is basically the same. Power collection provides kinetic energy for the generator through hydraulic conversion to rotary power, which is inefficient and costly. There is another one One is the ring linear generator, but there are few for reference. There are some ideas about it. Dragon provides different technical solutions to energy according to different geographical environment, and provides equipment manufacturing drawings and technical support for grid connection or off grid of ultra-low speed permanent magnet direct desynchronous generator for tidal power generation and wave power generation.