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Can the vertical axis wind power technology innovation from coal to wind power rewrite the energy layout?


Polaris wind power network news: the National Energy Administration issued a notice on April 22, which will impose a quota assessment mechanism for non water renewable energy on thermal power units. As soon as this news comes out, it looks like another great "good news" of wind power. But behind the "good news" is more frustration. The author's region is responsible for 60% of the province's coal production, and most of these coal mines have a service life of about 15 years. When the resource exhausted coal mine derrick and abandoned wind tower stand together at the same time, I don't know what kind of miserable scene it is?

Figure 1. Coal mine derrick

Figure 2. Abandoned wind tower

Now is the transition stage from traditional energy to new energy. On the one hand, it is facing the depletion of traditional energy, on the other hand, it is unable to shoulder the energy supply of wind power. In some power consumption areas, when the average wind power generation time is less than 2000 hours, the traditional energy has the same feed in price. In the absence of other government subsidies, the wind farm is almost built, one is operating at a negative interest.

n the face of such a problem, is it necessary to re-examine the current wind power technology. "In the near future, the development of horizontal axis wind turbines may reach a peak, and the future of the wind power equipment market should be vertical axis wind turbines," said Steven peace, executive director of European Wind Energy Development Corporation. Can the vertical axis wind power technology innovation surprise the energy industry?

1、 Experience of vertical axis wind power

In 2005, the industry invested in learning the technology of vertical axis unit from abroad. From 2008 to 2012, many domestic enterprises successively invested in the research stage of prototype. Three Gorges Office, Shanghai Jufeng and Fulu company have successively invested in vertical axis Φ type prototype test; Hong Kong hehe, Shenzhen wind power and Guoneng wind power have invested in vertical axis H-type prototype test.

Figure 3. Vertical axis Φ wind farm

In fact, research is the stage of imitation and replication of foreign technologies. There is no core breakthrough in structure, materials and processing technology, and we have rushed from kilowatt to megawatt. The results are obvious, basically repeating the results of foreign countries.

The lessons of this period lead to the stagnation of vertical axis wind power technology, which makes many people think that vertical axis wind power is not suitable for large-scale. It is gratifying that Sandia laboratory restarted the research of vertical axis wind power in 2012.

The exploration in this period has left valuable technical experience for the development of vertical axis wind power, and has made progress in blade strength, support structure and other issues. The four major problems of vibration, efficiency, braking and control must be overcome for the large-scale vertical axis wind power. Next, to overcome the two major problems of vibration and efficiency.

2、 Stable tangential force to overcome vibration

In the process of rotation, the angle of attack of lift type vertical blade moves in sine curve. With the change of attack angle, the force of blade inclines to one side obviously. In addition, the central axis is too long, which causes serious off load vibration of the equipment and affects the safe operation of the equipment.

Figure 4. Change curve of attack angle of lift type vertical axis blade

If, in the process of blade rotation, in the range of 330 ° - 360 °, the tangential force (lift) direction of blade is always consistent with the tangent direction of blade circular motion, and the fulcrum is fixed at a proper position, so that the fan can run stably along the central axis just like the rotating gyroscope. Even if we pull hard, the gyroscope can rotate stably, and the displacement deflection is very small. Avoid the effect of polarization and harmonic vibration, and improve the safe operation of vertical axis fan.

Figure 5. Gyro

The horizontal axis fan also has vibration problems, but its stable tangential force avoids the polarization effect, so the horizontal axis can do more. If the vertical axis can also avoid the polarization effect, it is a step further from the era of wind turbines.

It is estimated that many people will ask how to achieve stable tangential force. Because this time we only do technical exchanges.

3、 Special ways of catching wind to improve efficiency

To obtain stable tangential force (lift) vertical axis wind power, the utilization rate of wind energy will inevitably increase, but these are certainly not enough. Only when the utilization rate of vertical axis wind power exceeds the horizontal axis wind power and reaches the Bates limit, the vertical axis wind power technology can be considered mature. Of course, there is a long way to go.

Vertical axis wind power has a low utilization rate of wind energy, which has not been recognized by people in the industry. The wind energy utilization rate of resistance type (flat type) is not more than 12%; that of cup type is not more than 7%; that of S type is not more than 25%; that of lift type is 15-30%; that of large horizontal axis is 35-50%.

In order to improve the utilization rate of wind energy and lift type self starting ability of vertical axis wind power, many engineers and technicians combine the two kinds of blades together, which does not avoid the stress defects of each blade; there are also structures with variable blade angle, which are vulnerable parts in the long-term operation process, especially the structures with more than 40 years of service, which are not desirable.

Figure 6. vertical axis wind power of lift resistance type

If the vertical axis wind power technology reaches maturity, it must be a special fixed airfoil, which can not only obtain the strong moment of the drag type, but also the small running resistance compared with the lift type. Many people will burn their brains or question it, so the author has done a lot of relevant experiments to prove this problem.

In the following articles, we will continue to discuss the non mechanical mode of fan braking, decentralized remote centralized control, micro capital participation and three indicators: (1) 6 m / s full wind speed; (2) 5-7 years to recover all investment; (3) more than 40 years of safety service life and other issues.

On the day when the coal mine is closed, a vertical axis wind power with an installed capacity of 3MW can generate 3000 wind power in the low wind speed area, with a service life of 40 years. Each household consumes 1000 kwh of electric energy every year, which can supply 9000 households with energy demand, equivalent to the power demand of a community or town. At this time, wind power can take the responsibility of energy supply.

Large scale vertical axis wind power technology research has been stagnant for several years. An original technology can not be completed by one person, one company and one university. Through this article, we hope to arouse the society's attention to vertical axis wind power and the enthusiasm of the pioneers of vertical axis wind power.

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